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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Do We Search For?

I wrote this as a question. What do we search for? What is it that we, as humans, search for in life? Here is the poem that is so far, my favorite...

'What do we search for?'

Age defies wisdom,
The wise mans word.
The call of wisdom,
I have not yet heard.

But what do we search for?
The wise man asks.
The knowledge of all things,
Of wisdom's mask?

Yet if we don't find it,
What will we do?
Our life would have been pointless,
Once it was through.

But if we do find it,
The wisdom we seek.
What would we do with it?
Life would be bleak.

The wise man found wisdom,
So search we must.
All through the ages,
Till our bones are dust.


If you ask the wise man of the wisdom you seek,
The knowledge you search for,
The answers you drink.
He will tell you you've found it.
And you will wonder how.

So when you sit back and reflect on your search,
For knowledge and wisdom and destiny's perch.
You will discover that it's the journey that counts
The paths you take, it all amounts.

For the paths that you choose and the roads that you take,
They all contribute to the journey you make.
For the paths that you choose and the roads that you take,
They are the wisdom for which you ache.

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