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Saturday, November 27, 2010

In Memory...

A Little Girl...

There once was a girl who dared to dream.
Her thoughts did shimmer, her hopes did gleam.
But as she grew, the dream she sought,
Got harder and harder but on she fought.

The dream she sought was to change the world,
She'd heard of death and with fingers curled,
That girl got up and changed the world.
For better, for worse her dreams unfurled.

She gave her life, her love her home,
To those who had none, it would be their own.
Her dreams accomplished, her hopes set free,
That girl grew up quite happily.

Then one day in a tower tall,
An areoplane did crush the wall.
The tower fell, it's twin went too,
The lives of thousands were suddenly through.

The whole world cried for lives now lost,
To lose a loved one is a terrible cost.
Life's to unknown to not do good,
Laugh, Live, Love...

We all should.

The Abyss

I can't be seen for I am not there,
I have no shadow, no burden I bear.
I can be found in the abyss,
Floating on dreams, where nothings amis.

I'm seen by those who do not look,
I give me to those I have not took.
I can be found in the abyss,
Sitting on stars and lending my bliss.

I am that which takes time to grow,
Something which everyone does know.
I can be found in the abyss,
Remember me always do not forget this.

No name I go by,
But some call me love.
No day I shall die,
I watch over above.